Here you can find some of System of Strategy's business associates: 


Simply put, Svalinn breeds, raises and trains world-class protection dogs. With a focus on the dual role as both friend and protector, our dogs possess an unparalleled level of sociability and vigilance.


XS Sight Systems

XS® Sights is an American manufacturer of the Fastest Sights in any Light™. When the adrenaline starts to flow and every second counts, XS® Sights aid in placing combat effective shots on target.


The Center for Massage and Holistic Therapy

Thomas Annese and Alexis Williams, Holistic Health Practitioners, have come together to form a unique partnership with a common goal of providing high quality, professional massage therapy at affordable prices, and have been in Sorrento Valley since 1992.

Our mission is to incorporate massage therapy into lives as part of a health maintenance and wellness program. Therefore, we have established prices that we believe to be very reasonable, and are able to provide massage therapy to people from all walks of life.


CSAT offers combat proven training in all aspects of Special Operations Skills to Law Enforcement, Government Security Personnel and Military Groups.


STO is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and best priced outdoor and tactical products on the market.   We are working hard to be your trusted go to sources for camping, cutlery, archery, personal defense, and firearms accessories.